Never Underestimate the Power of a Cold Call

Most people tell us that Cold Calling doesn’t work. In fact it’s always the gateway to a lot of business.

The usual start, at least for a professional services business, is when people go self-employed and take a couple of clients with them.  This work doesn’t fill the week, they get worried about paying the bills, and make a few calls.  Surprise! some people are interested and buy something.

The next wave of expansion is usally fuelled by referrals – some of which come from that original cold call.

Still don’t believe me? well, let’s try a worked example!

Fred, Chartered Accountant, decides to go it alone. One quiet Friday, he makes a few cold calls and closes a deal – an audit worth £5,000.

The client is really pleased and sends others to Fred – he gets one new client a year, at £5,000 each.

Over 5 years, Fred earns a total of £75,000 from Audits alone (£25,000 from customer one, £20,000 from number two, £15,000 from number 3 etc…)

More comes, of course, as Fred is really good.

Three of them are worried about their tax position, they call Fred, who can fix their problem for £5000 – so another £15,000.

In year 5, Fred is retained for an MBO by a happy client – the fees come to £30,000.

Overall, Fred has billed £120,000 in five years, which all started from one afternoon of calling.

Brief Well for Success

In our experience, projects fail when the caller is poorly briefed.

Writer Jill Konrath, constantly reminds us how hard it can be to contact people who have very little time to evaluate your offer.

We’ve developed ways to uncover needs quickly, catching their attention from the start.

So once again with feeling…Don’t simply show your agent a website and a few bits of publicity telling the world how great the company is. Trust me, no-one cares, they know it’s usually outsourced to a copywriter and sanitised.  But talk to us and we’ll soon uncover great reasons why they should speak to you.

Questions to unlock minds

We try not to use the standard intros on calls (Hi, It’s Ian from XYZ company…). Every receptionist knows what’s coming after the third syllable, and they’re waiting to put the phone down after the fifth.  A far better way is to start with an easy question then follow up with a few more.

We’ve developed an approach that picks up people who need to buy – and encourages them to tell us why….

My Sales Force do all this for me

Mmmm. Only when they know you’re watching….

Developing New Business is difficult, gruelling work with a low success rate. Sales people generally hate the rejection and avoid it as much as they can.

It’s far easier (and more comforting) to spend time with favourite customers, or in the office ‘resolving customer queries’.

A better approach is to outsource the hardest part – finding people who may be interested – leaving your people to close deals with interested parties. After all, that’s why you employ them for. They’ll be a lot happier and motivated when they realise that they are no longer expected to waste most of their time.

So, you have several good reasons to speak to ID Associates.
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