Our Customers

Small Business, Startups, Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs are great sales people. They have the vision, skills and enthusiasm needed to build new businesses that create wealth and employment.

But what happens when other, equally important things demand their time? New Customers have to be serviced. Accounts have to be completed. It may be time to recruit staff.

All these activities reduce selling time. Why not use us to help?

Our Start Up Service will be of interest. We can take a brief and deliver a stream of people interested in your offer.

Our pricing is very flexible, we are prepared to be paid on results, even in equity if we really like your idea.

Mid Sized Business
Lots of mid-sized businesses are very successful. They look after their key customers and are very profitable.

But what happens when you lose a client? Can your business stand the shock of reduced turnover and profit?

Our Sales Continuity Service may be of interest. We take away all the effort,headache and frustration of looking for new business. We deliver qualified leads and appointments.

We typically charge a fixed daily rate for this work, but are interested in performance-related deals; please contact us for an informal discussion.

Larger businesses seem to have it all; large customer bases, large sales and marketing budgets, and the staff to sell them.

All too often, many opportunities are missed. Sales staff prefer to sell what is proven, profitable, and growing. They don’t push older, highly profitable products. New, unproven services are similarly neglected.

Why not use our Enterprise Support Service? this includes:

  • Heritage Products – let us promote the older, but highly profitable lines. We can even take the orders for you, if you have an intranet order
    entry system.
  • New Product Launch – let us make the initial contact and present your Sales Force with qualified leads. We will load these opportunities direct to your CRM system if you wish.