Service Portfolio

Database Sourcing

The UK is full of Database Suppliers with lists for every need.

These are useful when you contact a company for the first time.
However you must select the right provider.
Please call us to discuss your requirements.
For more background on this, see ‘What most companies don’t tell you’

Clean Lists

We are happy to clean lists for you.
It’s not the greatest job in the world but someone has to do it,
and we take great care over it.


Most e-mail campaigns need straightforward copy, and we can
produce this in-house.
For more complex requirements we use a network of experienced partners;
please call and ask for details.

E-mail Marketing

This is a very cost effective method, and useful in several ways:

Direct Marketing and Sales.
People receive a focused message, and respond when interested.
We find that a high percentage of these responses lead to sales.
Sales will be higher if you use Telemarketing to follow up (see below).

You can reach a lot of people very quickly, and respond at once to
those who express interest.

Customer Retention
Keep reminding customers you are around, and tell them about
your the latest offers.
Again, this works well when integrated with telemarketing.

Did you know that e-mail marketing can be automated and easily managed?
You can see when the mail was opened and forwarded, and which links
(for instance to articles or a web page) proved popular.
This information can be invaluable when following up inquiries.

Beware of Legal Issues.
Unsolicited e-mails are covered by legislation, just like phone calls.
Generally, however, you can use e-mail into your existing customer base.
Always provide an option to ‘unsubscribe’.


Most company websites are designed by committee,
as they must meet the needs of many different users.
It isn’t always possible to adjust them for individual sales campaigns.
We suggest the use of Microsites.
These are small, fully functional websites dedicated to particular campaigns.

Microsites are best used in conjunction with email and telemarketing.
They can also be used on their own, but they have to be visible.
That’s why we offer SEO services.

Internet Marketing – including SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Websites are a very effective sales channel.
They advertise 24/7 to a global audience;
a sales team that never takes holidays or coffee breaks.

However most sites are invisible to the target audience.
Imagine you’re looking for a new supplier or service.
You will probably use a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or MSN
using quite general terms.
The search engine doesn’t search the web every time, for speed
it simply examines it’s own internal directory of ‘relevant’ sites.

The engine presents the information in three ways.
At the top of the page are Banner Ads; someone has bought that space
and paid quite a lot.
On the right hand side is a column of paid adverts that are usually
much cheaper. The advertiser pays when someone clicks on the ad
(hence the name – ‘Pay Per Click’).
The remainder of the page contains records that the
search engine has automatically assessed and found to be relevant.
These are the so-called ‘Organic’ Listings.

ID Associates offers all of these through it’s partner network.
Website Repairs are also available.
Details supplied on request.

For users with high ad spends (£300,000 per annum and above)
specialist help is required.
One of our partners has delivered spectacular results in this area.
Please call to discuss your requirements.

Outbound Telemarketing

This is still the best way to generate leads, if used wisely.

Customer Retention

Everybody has heard of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Loyal Customers are very profitable.

Just consider how much a customer spends with you every year.
Wouldn’t it be a pity to let them go?

Many businesses let this happen. People are busy, you tend
to look after those who shout the loudest or spend the most.
It’s all too easy to forget the less frequent buyers.
Many just slip away unnoticed…

We can make those contacts for you, ensuring the customers stay loyal,
and picking up any new sales opportunities on the way.


We will follow up on the appointments we make, if you wish.

Channel Building

ID Associates has experience in building Partner Channels.

If you have not considered this before, it is a great route to market. It
boosts your sales for little effort.