Email Marketing

E-Mail Marketing is a great way to develop new business, especially if you combine it with telemarketing.

Key Benefits

  • Fast Response. People usually open the mail within hours and respond at once.
  • Automatic Qualification. People only call if they are interested.
  • Builds Trust and Loyalty. Done properly, e-mail marketing allows you to educate your prospects, building trust before you ask for business.
  • Available Packages

    Advertising Broadcasts – E-mail ‘flyers’ prompt a quick response, especially in crowded markets.
    However – they must be used carefully and in line with the legislation.

    Marketing Campaigns – a series of relevant, informational messages building understanding and trust.

    Keep in touch programs – bring customers up to date, let them investigate this for themselves

    Which Package is best?

    That depends. Contact us to discuss your needs.