Outbound Telemarketing

An established and trusted method

Telemarketing is probably the best way to generate qualified leads, provided it is used wisely.
No other channel can hold a conversation with a customer.

You need to be properly prepared.
A thorough briefing, followed by creating and testing suitable approaches.
Most important of all, you must be able to ask pertinent questions, to gain the information you need.
You should also prepare suitable responses to prospect questions. Most are predictable, and people expect sensible answers.

A properly structured method pays – you gain appointments and leave a good impression.

Taking a blended approach

If your market is highly competitive, we suggest using several channels.
Consider starting with E-mail or Internet Marketing to generate interest, then follow up by telemarketing the most promising responses.

Things to remember
People are short of time, so don’t waste it.
Start with clear aims, especially target market and your proposition.
You need to be able to summarise the offer in seconds.
Be prepared to answer detailed questions and objections.

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