Working With Us

Our customers are vary from ‘one man bands’ to global corporations.
All receive the same quality of service and attention to detail.

We follow a similar process in all cases:


We sit down with you and take a full brief including your key objectives, intended target market, competition, and most important outcomes.

Prospect Data

We create and validate a prospect list. Depending on the project, this could be a commercial list, or a selection from your own database.

Project Structure

We produce a written brief confirming the objectives, our approach, objection handling and the level and frequency of reporting.

Campaign Outcomes

Campaigns exist to deliver leads but also provide valuable information, such as next buy/review dates, e-mail opt-in details, additional influential contacts, and competitive information. People can be suprisingly candid about
your competitors!

Follow Up

All opportunities must be followed up promptly. We prefer to connect your sales people immediately.


Later we report formally in any way you wish: from e-mails and spreadsheets to direct postings to your own CRM systems.